For almost two decades I have been organically, and almost without meaning to, assembling a collection of amazing women.  I meet them everywhere – work, the playground, political organizations, volunteerism, travel.  They are exceptionally bright.  Exceptionally talented.  Exceptionally thoughtful and mission-driven and good.  And they are all searching for something more.

They are searching for mentors.  They are searching for community.  They are searching to meet interesting people, for drinking buddies, for someone to vent to.  They are searching for growth.  They are searching to get involved.  They are searching to learn.  They are searching for thought partners, friends, and sisterhood.  They are searching for health and wellness.  They are searching for professional advancement, a new job, a promotion.  They are searching for a new trend.  They are searching to spread their wings.  They are searching for understanding.

All of these things – each and every one of them – we can give one another.  We just need the space, the facilitation, and the impetus to do it.  And that’s where we came up with the Tide Risers idea.

Consider making the investment that will give you the opportunity to be a part of a bigger movement.

And so I am now gathering — formally and with intention — a group of fabulous, mission-driven women making a decision to come together to form a community committed to the advancement of one another’s social responsibility and civic engagement investments and ideas.  Whether you work for a non-profit, run a socially responsible business, make donations to the cause of your choice, serve on a board of directors, volunteer your time, or are aspiring to do any of these things, Tide Risers is for you. So please consider making the investment in yourself that will fine-tune your mission, propel you into action to be a steward for good, hone your skills, and give you the opportunity to be a part of a bigger movement.

Get in touch or visit if you would like more information.

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